Reflections by Traff
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Sunwear Frame List - View the Eyewear Framelist

907a-s 907a-s52-16Khaki - Suede

Fuller coverage in this richly detailed design.

907b-s 907b-s52-16Blue Jean

Blue - refreshing as the ocean under a summer sky.

906a-s 906a-s49-18Carbon - Red - Violet

Surprizing detail get’s their attention every time!

902a-s 904a-s51-19Violet

Deep Purple - the colour of Royalty will get you everywhere!

903b-s 903b-s49-17Slate-Green

Go-Green! This cheeky number with textured temples is the order of the day!

809a-s 809a-s50-18Crimson

Genuine Swarovski Crystals compliment your twinkling eyes~!

808a-s 808a-s47-17Dk. Blue

Hugely popular Genuine Swarovski Crystals adorn this Ultra Chic Number!

803a-s 803a-s50-19Navy

SURF’S UP in this Wavy & Curvacious design!

713a-s 713a-s55-19Noble Red

For a larger fit, full coverage and protection with urban appeal.

713b-s 713b-s55-19Noble Red

A larger fit for that fun, mysterious side of you!

124a-s 124a-s51-17Black/Tangerine

Contemporary and Fresh, this model will bring out your best features.

121a-s 121a-s51-18Y Green/Vermillion

A Fantastic Summer Look - the Sun will surely follow you!

117a-s 117a-s51-18Green/Ant. Blue

The colour will accent your eyes and truly turn heads!

114a-s 114a-s48-18Black/Red

For the more petite face, this is a great every-day look!