Reflections by Traff
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Media 2010 - Reflections by Traff September 2010

September 21st 2010

Gettin‘ Ready... Which Colours to Choose Traff, Rosamond, Jeremy and Clint Checkin‘ out the downloaded pictures Laura‘s Having fun! Bonnie Enhancing Laura‘s Long Lashes Eyes Wide Open! Jeremy going over the Shooting Angles Laura and Rosamond - ready to start! Maja‘s Turn This is going to be great! Bonnie finalizing Maja‘s look Voila! Christine Making Sure the Frames Fit Properly Michele is next up One final inspection... Up Close & Personal... Hey, I think I‘m ready! The Process A Healthy Lunch is Served! Fun Times Together over Lunch One more Touch-Up... Between Takes... Perfection! Jeremy Showing Maja some Artwork during down time. Rae‘s Turn in Make-Up Maja & Christine During a Break. Christine Setting up the Shot for Michele. Rosamond Takes a test shot. Rae Gets Pampered. Relaxing between Takes. Webmaster Jeremy applying his Craft! Christine Checking the Fit. Now it‘s Melissa getting the Salon Treatment. What a Great Day. I Feel Pretty... Watching from Behind. Going Over some Photos Together. Love this one - it Matches my Outfit Today! Jeremy, Traff, Christine, Bonnie, Rosamond, Hooman, & Rae Setting Up Melissa‘s Photo. And, Action! A little Touch up Here & There... That‘s One Big Umbrella! Jeremy, Traff, Melissa & Rosamond Cute Maja Playful Maja Michele testing the wind Peace Man! Do I look Like Daffy Duck when I do this... Rae having a great time. Have you seen those kissing fish... Look at the Detail Here... Photo-Op with the Designer. Melissa‘s less Serious Side... This is a Thumbs-up Kind‘ve Day! Check out my New Engagement Ring!