Reflections by Traff
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Media 2009 - Reflections by Traff September 2009

September 30th - October 3rd of 2009

Ready for Take-Off... Are these Volcanos? 1 Are these Volcanos? 2 Getting Close 1 Getting Close 2 Getting Close 3 Vegas and McCarron Airport Dinner-Traff, Tammy (Arizona rep), Don, Christine, and Lou Ann. Lou Ann with Customers. 1 Traff with attendee. Some Fancy Frames! Lou Ann with Customers. 2 Having Fun! Chatting... It's all about Style! Traff with attendees Stephani Brown & friend. Cynthia Johnson & Christine (Reflections office). Cynthia & Traff. Cynthia & Christine enjoying the moment! Cynthia Johnson & Christine (Reflections office). Attendee & Traff. 2 Lou Ann (WA. Rep) Tammy (Arizona Rep) and customer. Cynthia Johnson & Christine (Reflections office). Lou Ann & Tammy enjoying a moment. Tammy, Lou Ann, & Christine. A walk through the Venetian. What a cute couple. Live Theatre @ the Venetian! 1 Live Theatre @ the Venetian! 2 Lou Ann & Tammy 2 Lou Ann & Tammy 1 After the Show! We had So Much FUN! In the Venetian Lobby Thanks James! Thad - Genuine Clarion Hospitality with a SMILE!!! Traff & Friends... At the booth 2 At the booth 3 Look at this! Let me show you something... Dinner with friends. Ice cream on Ice! This is a tasty treat! The MGM Lion. The real Lion. The Strip at Night Traff with Keith-one of the Clarion's finest representation. View from the Airport 1 View from the Airport 2 View from the Airport 3 Open Pit Mining... Arriving Home.