Reflections by Traff
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Media 2009 - Reflections by Traff June 2009 Photoshoot

June 6th of 2009

The Process... A Natural Glow! Ooooh... I’m likin’ this pamperin’ stuff! A little dab ‘ll do ya! Hold that ... Could you come over every day?... Watching the process... Traff, Christine & Rose I’m so Cheeky! Jeremy with the tools of the trade! Test Shot. The pampering begins! Making sure all the frames fit properly... Christine checking the  frames on Karyn. OK, I’m ready... Smile! I could get used to this! Lunch Break - Christine, Geena, Traff, Jeremy, Cale, & Bonnie. The finishing touch. A little contour here... Traff & Jeremy looking over the photos... This is so relaxing I could fall asleep! Such a treat! I like it! Michelle & Bonnie. Having some fun! Traff, Christine & Geena It’s like being at a Party! Traff, Christine & Michelle. Photogarapher Cale, Make-up & Hair Bonnie, and WebMaster Jeremy. I feel Pretty... Contemplation... I like it! Nice! Traff & Geena. Great Colours! Test shots at the Quay! Wow! That’s really Me!!! These Bring out the Animal in Me! Traff, Christine & Karyn